Delivery Services


All of our bulk products are available for delivery. Our current policy is delivery is limited to easy access areas; i.e. driveways, parking areas ect. Driver will determine at time of delivery if drop can be made elsewhere. Low branches and power lines may limit accessability. Also narrow driveways and tight places that risk damage to delivery truck and your property will not be attempted.

*For delivery of 5 yards or less add $2 to each cubic yard of product you purchase*

(3 yards of Hardwood picked up is $25/cubic yd but delivered would be $27/cubic yd.)


2 cubic yards $64.00 plus cost of product

3 to 5 cubic yards $49.00 plus cost of product

6 or more cubic yards $45.00 plus cost of product

(Certain areas within a 2 mile proximity of our location may receive a discount on delivery.)


*For deliveries outside of the Lexington area there may be a minimum with an additional fee. Please call for details and pricing.